No-Sew Fabric Bow

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As with most things I do, I like to keep it simple. I mean who doesn’t? Let’s be honest, life gets hectic at times (or most of the time) and in order for me to get crafty as I love to do, it has to be kept simple. Of course there are certain things that require more time, tools and supplies, but lucky for me this project doesn’t!

Let’s get started! The simple no-sew fabric bow. It can be used for so many things. Hair clips, headbands, gift wrapping, little boys bow tie, wreaths, bow garland, clothing accessory…….the options are endless. Once you start making these you won’t want to stop, they are way too easy and cute! And not to mention they are the perfect way to use up that scrap fabric you have lying around.

What you will need:

Scrap pieces of fabric
Hot glue gun

That’s it! I told you it was simple!  The size of the fabric will depend on the size of bow you would like. The finished bow will be about half of the dimension of the size you start with. I used a piece about 5×8 inches (it does not need to be a perfect rectangle) which gave me a finished bow around 2 1/2x 4 inches.




Take your larger piece of fabric and fold in the long edges into the center and iron the folds. Ironing is not exactly necessary, but it helps keep everything in place. Next, fold in the shorter sides over-lapping about 1/4 inch and iron the folds. With the smaller piece of fabric fold in the long edges, over-lapping as needed to make it the width you would like for the center of the bow. If you are like me and never iron clothes (that’s what the dryer is for right?!) then you absolutely need a folding table top ironing board. It makes it so easy to whip it out and quickly use it for crafting purposes and hardly takes up any room.



Now comes the part where it all comes together. Grab the square with the seam side down, and start folding until you have a bow shape that looks good to you. With your glue gun, place some glue on the side of the bow where you are holding it together (see photos below) and attach the center piece. Start wrapping it around the center twice ending on the bottom and glue down, trimming off the excess fabric. By starting to glue the center piece on the side of the bow rather than the bottom at the beginning it allows a hair clip to easily slide in if you are wanting to use it for that purpose!



If your like me and find it easier to see it being done, then today is your lucky day! I made a video showing exactly how it’s done with all of the instructions.



Leave me a comment below and let me know how your bow turned out!
















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